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LETTER: Writer questions need for new post

To the Editor:

While reviewing the agenda for the Jan. 7, 2013 work session of the New Richmond School Board, item 2(b) of the agenda under personnel caught my attention; 2(b) Approval of Personal Services Contract for Sue Curtis.

If this is the same Sue Curtis who was the director of Special Services for the New Richmond School District it seems to me that she retired July 1, 2012. My first question is why the school district is looking at a retired former director of Special Services when there is an overflow of new talent begging for a job?

Hiring a retired director is not like buying a used car, the car I can afford; a retired director is big ticket. My second question is what is the job description of someone who provides personal services?

Today personal services covers a gamut of service industry descriptions. Given the luxury of the new schools it would not be beyond the administration to hire an individual to hand out hot towels in the administrative restroom.

Once again the school district is creating a position that this district cannot afford and more than likely does not need. It is time that the school board gets on board with the mainstream of education and gains the understanding that education is not accomplished with top heavy administration, taj mahals and $400,000 lights.

The only time the board isn't looking like bobble heads is if the question is regarding benefits and compensation for teachers or the expenditure of monies for educational materials.

Feb. 19, 2013 will be the primary for the New Richmond School District. There are two seats up and five candidates, this alone should be setting off alarms. It is time to change the direction of spending and get with a program of fiscal responsibility and educational excellence.

My support goes to Esther Scott Wentz and Gene Mireau. This is my two cents and if you feel as I do, Wentz and Mireau are the right investment in the future of our children's education.

Mark Jackelen

New Richmond