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LETTER: Greed will harm planet Earth

To the Editor:

Stop the madness.

Greed is a continued offense against good morals. In respect to changing the beautiful landscape, mountain ranges and an earth that was created by a "Higher Power," frac sand mining and those who believe in it are guilty of greed to the highest power.

One's thoughts should not focus on destroying the Earth for energy and that's what frac sand mining will do. It's the corporations who study an area of the country, whether it be for frac sand or wind turbines; these guilty, greedy individuals who have no concept of "green" America, make a decision because of a profit and a greedy incentive, will plunder, make contracts with a few individuals and destroy our precious planet, Earth.

I believe in the alternatives for energy - sun, geothermal and wind - but the way the power company picked certain individuals and areas in the Town of Forest should have worked out an incentive for all the area of turbines to profit.

The secret greedy approach should never prevail.

Bill Driscoll

New Richmond