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LETTER: Good Samaritan stops to help

To the Editor:

I just wanted to express a huge thank you to a young man named Joe from Deer Park.

After shopping at the Walmart in New Richmond this past Sunday, Jan. 13, at about 3 p.m. I was desperately trying to inflate a flat tire with one of those cans that supposedly inflate flat tires.

It was so cold and the wind was blowing. Many people looked at me as they drove by. Some of the fluid in the can spilled out and immediately froze on the tire. Not much fun when you are a senior citizen.

Then this good looking young man drove up in a red truck and asked if I needed help. He had to lie on the frozen ground to remove the tire and find the spare underneath my car.

To make a long story short, I just want to let Joe know that I made it home safely. As we said goodbye, I told him his parents did a great job raising him so I want to thank them too.

Thanks again Joe for rescuing me when so many passed by.

Joanne Weidemann