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Republicans suffer from hypocrisy

To the Editor:

Republican Party members have been wondering why they lost seats in the Senate and the House and lost the presidency.

One of the many reasons is because they have become ridiculous in their political philosophy. They spent the last four years stonewalling everything the Democrats wanted to do, trying to make Obama a one-term president.

Late in 2012 they hit the absolute height of hypocrisy when Senator McConnell of Kentucky filibustered his own bill so it couldn't come up for a vote.

Now they are up in arms because President Obama has nominated Chuck Hagel for secretary of defense. Hagel is a Republican. He has been a Republican forever. I believe the Republicans would filibuster if Obama nominated God. For sure Ron Johnson would vote "no."

Harmless politics you say. How about their vote in 2012 on an amendment to S1813, the Transportation Bill, offered by the Democrats? The amendment would offer tax credits to American vehicle owners for converting to natural gas.

The amendment also called for setting up natural-gas filling stations across the country. Mass conversion to natural gas would make America energy independent within five years. The Republicans killed the amendment.

Marvin L. Nelson

River Falls