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Violence - to be expected

To the Editor:

It is a sad day when a mixed-up youth snuffs out the lives of 26 children. When children or anyone are allowed to play and watch extremely violent life video games, movies, TV, novels, etc. there is hell to pay. What goes in, comes out to haunt and harm you. The price is high. Obama has not prosecuted even one case of bad violent content.

Did you see the memorial service at Newtown, Conn., on Dec. 16? Obama said much about protecting the children from gun violence, nothing about protecting them from being aborted. There are more unborn children cruelly butchered (That term fits what choice voters do to them.) each day than guns kill in 10 years.

What he did say was politically hypocritical because he was leading up gun control instead of shutting down the child cruelty of abortion and other contributing factors.

Yes, gun control needs some improvement -- no assault rifles, no more than four or five shells, no bigger than 30.30. But take care of rampant abortion first. God will not long bless this nation that butchers future citizens.

Crooks will always have guns.

The first thing Obama did as president was to expand abortion with our tax dollars against our will, here and abroad.

When in the Illinois state legislature, there was a bill to require adequate care for the few who were born alive despite being aborted. They are laid out back to die. Obama led the fight that killed it.

This nation not only elected, but re-elected, one who hates babies and by choice vote kills them. More than eight million already on his "watch." As one votes, they will reap. Choice votes kill.

A nation that legalizes abortion and immoral marriage signs its own death warrant, perhaps off the fiscal cliff? God will not long bless a nation that subsidizes the cruel baby killing of planned butcherhood. I can't call it parenthood because less that nine percent are encouraged to let their child be adopted.

When attending worship at church regularly, reading the Bible and good moral integrity are learned at home, most will grow up to be respectable citizens. "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom."

When the Bible, prayer, and Christian fellowship are banned, but immoral lifestyles are forced and indoctrinated on them? You can expect violence. When children are denied the right to pray, read the Bible and be taught moral principles, then mixed up kids result. Single parents and broken homes also contribute to the problems.

The church, home and school are where the fear, love and trust in God is to be taught, not discouraged. "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom."

Do you not know? Has this nation not read? Heard? That in the "imminent" coming judgment that each and every unborn child (over 58 million) that was cruelly butchered by abortion will have to be accounted for by everyone who has voted choice.

Every idle word, deed and thought is recorded in each ones book. Rev 20 v 11-15 to be opened and read from on judgment day. Math 25 v 31-46; Cor 6 v 7,10.

To speak words of sympathy after having elected abortion pusher Obama twice makes them shallow and hypocritical.

Words of sympathy need to step up to bat for saving the God-given gift of life of the innocent unborn child, our future citizens, doctors, ministers, service personal and farmers.

We will need those guns to protect us from the enemies who are already here. Especially since Obama has already dumbed down our national defense. Some of those aborted were to be our service personnel. 1 Cor 6 v 9,10; Heb 10 v 26-31; Rev 21 v 8, 27.

Francis Fouks

Deer Park