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LETTER: Students shouldn't attend murder trial

To the Editor:

I felt compelled to comment on the fact of 30 children with their teacher from St. Croix Central High School attend the trial proceedings of Aaron Schaffhausen.

I do not believe this is an appropriate way to begin showing children how the criminal justice system works. In lieu of the recent violence and mass murders of school children, is it good judgment to present this particularly heinous case toward the benefit of children, seeking to understand the criminal justice system? I think not.

There are many trials and proceedings occurring every day throughout America that give appreciation for how the system works, without exposing children to the horrible and graphic items of evidence which make this case so heinous.

What will stand out in the memories of these children afterwards? The effects expressed by the seasoned homicide investigators as they compiled evidence for this case causes me to wonder, if asked afterwards, what is most memorable of their experience. I think it may not be what is desired. 

Joe Burrows

Anoka, Minn.