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LETTER: Walker promotes contentious issues

To the Editor:

Our Republican Governor, Scott Walker, apparently has a very short memory. After two years in office in which everything pertaining to his program was filled with controversy, he now wants all to forget the past and be friends.

Since being elected governor, more than half of his previous Milwaukee office staff have been convicted of felony crimes. His famous "conquer and divide" statement he made to one of his rich supporters, his midnight secret sessions passing bills, his eliminating of nearly all collective bargaining rights for state employee's and school teachers and using their health benefits to supposedly balance his budged, his closed, one party re-districting sessions, and a Supreme Court that is completely out of control and embarrassing to our state makes it pretty hard to just forget.

He has also declined federal funds to expand state Medicaid which would help thousands of low-income citizens obtain health insurance. He now says with this 2013 legislative session that he wants no more midnight sessions, wants all to work together, and "no contentious" issues that could possibly draw 100,000 citizens to Madison to protest like in the past.

A few days after reading in the paper about his "no more contentious issues" plan, guess what I read he wants in this session -- to name a few -- environmental laws changed making it easy to pass a mining bill, looking at eliminating same day voter registration, replacing the state election board with his own political appointees, looking at how the Electoral College votes would be allocated, changing how deer hunting on state land would be. The list goes on and on.

This state is divided enough without adding all these additional "contentious issues." I feel the best thing for Governor Walker to do is get out his Webster Dictionary and look up the definition of the word contentious. Hopefully our state will survive for two more years.

Michael E. O'Connell

New Richmond