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LETTER: Community support was amazing

To the Editor:

Many times I have started this letter ... just never sure of how or where to begin. So I will lead where my heart takes me and let my fingers do the walking.

If you've not seen our story in the New Richmond News, our daughter has epilepsy. Her seizures are one grand mall a week or more. No medications are stopping them, and a grid placement under scalp, and possible surgery of the brain was our next option.

I was brought up with many values, some being: God first, family, and then others; give and help others whenever possible; to give is better than to receive.

So when approached about people wanting to have a benefit for our family, I was hesitant, to say the least. We are used to the "giving" end and standing as a "receiver" puts a whole new "bend in the frame."

You can imagine my responses. "There are others that need more than we do." "We'll be fine, I'm sure of it," and so on.

Then a devoted coworker/friend/angel, Patty Schachtner, Somerset High School health care provider, talked to me to give me a gentle nudge.

(There are so many people who want to do this for you - students, staff, your church -- and you don't know the outcome of this or what Moriah is going to need when this is all done).

So after this loving "nudge," our family agreed to become a "receiver."

With that, please all "receive" our "thank you."

We cannot begin to tell you how much the benefit meant to our family. Thank you to the New Richmond News for spreading our story. We appreciate all the donations from businesses, coworkers, friends, and family, which includes the food donation from Aviands and the staff at the Somerset High School preparing it.

We thank all of you that put their time into the benefit before, during and after. Thank you to all who performed at the benefit ... each being unique and beautiful! Thank you to those that bid on items and donated money. You have certainly lightened a load for us, we can breathe.

Thank you to Somerset School District and the Somerset Board of Education for allowing the benefit to be at the high school and your backing in this endeavor. A special thank you to all the Somerset students that were involved in their creations, donations, talents being shown, songs being sung, and band members playing. The fifth grade class and the high school students especially made me proud of them. I wanted to adopt you all.

More than a monetary value, how do I tell you how much you all mean to us? Watching at the benefit, I saw what can happen when friends, family, coworkers, children, adults, acquaintances and strangers can do when a community pulls together.

I was overwhelmed with your acts of kindness and giving. It pulled at our hearts to be receiving so much; and each time I think of it yet, my heart swells, tears well up, and they pour down my cheeks as they are again now. (Thank you for past teachers that taught me to type without needing to see my keyboard. I am, again, a mess!)

We, at our household, are so humbled by all that you have done.

And please understand when I say, the greatest gift we received was prayer. Thank you, Bridge Bible Church family, for praying directly over us. Thank you to all who prayed constantly. God directed us to specialists we needed. He had Moriah's three surgeries go well; He kept Moriah safe from infections; He led us to the correct decisions when we had to make them; He opened our ears when we wanted to close them; He lifted us when we were tired; and He now is helping us with acceptance of the outcome (surgery and removal of any part of her brain is not an option due to loss of language function) and He is giving us hope for her future.

Moriah has and continues to be in His hands, as are all of our children.

With that, please receive our simple prayer for you, "Father in Heaven, please let these people know that how much they made us feel loved is nothing compared to how much You love them. Let them receive you. And, God, please bless these wonderful people and keep them safe as they journey forward each day. Amen."

Moriah Everson,

Cory Ricci,

Dean and Pat Everson