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LETTER: School board should televise meetings

To the Editor:

While relaxing and watching a broadcast of the New Richmond City Council and observing the fine way Mayor Fred Horne runs those meetings; it occurred to me that the New Richmond School Board meetings are not televised.

My thoughts, like a reflection in the cow pond, went to the recent Government Entities Network meeting in which District Superintendent Morrie Veilleux was asked during a conversation before the meeting started why New Richmond School District did not broadcast the school board meetings? Morrie answered "That is up to the School Board."

Well choke my goat! It struck me like a lightning strike to the cow pond. All this time I thought it was Morrie who was camera shy and it turns out it is the School Board. But then again, who likes to be on camera while chomping Chex mix.

I haven't missed a school board meeting since December of 2011 and the school board has yet to offer any Chex mix to those in attendance.

While eating my own Chex mix and listening to the television while searching the computer, I was struck again by the lightning bolt; Hudson is not happy with School District Attorney Mick Waldspurger. This is the attorney for New Richmond School District.

After researching Waldspurger, the hay is not mixing with the grain in this question.

The question, if you have been following the school board meetings, is not whether Hudson has a case for any of the actions proposed; the question is whether New Richmond has the right representation for the tasks at hand.

If I were a slick attorney, I know that I would be creating litigation at every refill of the Chex mix. Vote Wentz and Mireau for School Board.

Mark Jackelen

New Richmond