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LETTER: Ard's help makes a big difference

To the Editor:

The managers and members of the Forest Voice, a group of neighbors for responsible renewable energy from the Town of Forest, wish to thank Scottie Ard for her support and assistance during the last two-and-a-half years.

As we fought to defend our homes and families from inappropriately sited industrial wind turbines, we believe our community's success could have been limited without her assistance. Scottie's vast knowledge of Wisconsin law, the legislative process, her willingness to volunteer countless research hours, and her impeccable ethical standards helped us navigate through tough situations and decisions that led up to the Public Service Commission's denial of the Highland Wind project.

It is amazing what a community can accomplish with the right leadership. Scottie is a believer in "of the people, by the people, for the people," and is committed to transparent and accountable government.

The residents of New Richmond District 2 would make a wise choice to elect Scottie Ard as their city councilperson on April 2. We have no doubt Scottie would bring the same purposeful dedication and sensibility needed to protect and promote a neighborhood as she has in her support of the Forest Voice and its community.

Brenda Salseg, Cindy Kuscienko, Doris Schmidt, Anne Johnston, Gloria Logan, Laverne Hoitomt, Jeff Ericson

Town of Forest