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LETTERS: Boston tragedy hits home for dad

To the Editor:

I know we're supposed to move on. We're supposed to rally together and stand united. But I can't.

I can't get past the thought of that poor 8-year-old boy who never knew what hit him or his sister who will be physically and emotionally scarred the rest of her life. Or their mother who might not be capable of raising her one remaining child at all pending the severity and long-term effects of her injuries.

But mostly...I can't get over that poor father. For four agonizing hours he tested his physical limits and poured every bit of himself into chasing this ridiculous prize. For 20+ miles, step after step, he continued because he was fueled by ambition, pride, desire and probably a fair dose of insanity.

But more than those things, he was fueled by the thought of seeing his family as he approached the finish line and the example he'd be setting for his kids in teaching them about dedication and pouring your heart and soul into pursuing something so simplistic yet completely complex.

Instead, he grew filled with confusion and fear, not knowing what happened or where his family had gone and then ultimately remorse. He wasn't there in their time of need. He couldn't protect his children when they needed it most. He wasn't there to look out for his wife.

No, I can't get over this and I can't move on because I was that man.

Maybe it was on different days, maybe it was in different places. But that was me. My heart breaks and my prayers go out to all affected. This one just hits a little too close to home.

Scott Nemec

Austin, Minn.