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LETTER: Voting for abortion is deadly

To the Editor:

Yes Dave, guns are dangerous weapons in the hands of those who were not brought up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, fearing to do anything that would grieve or offend God, or our neighbors.

Many have never read, "They who shed the blood of man, shall by man their blood be shed." Proverbs has instructions on how to live. Our actions have consequences. Even one vote for a pro-abortion candidate can make one accountable to God for the murder of many. "As one sows, they will reap." God will choose when. To vote to support abortion is just as bad as shooting students!

There have been seven million children cruelly butchered on your pro-abortion president's "watch." Each will be in His book (Rev. 20v11-14). Yes, Dave, do you not know? That much more offensive to God than the misuse of guns are those who elect and re-elect abortion pushing presidents, senators and congressmen? And those who think they have the right to enjoy God's gift of life, but deny the unborn their right to live it? And those who loudly condemn guns but vote to continue abortions, and sex that leads to abortion, and marriage that leads to divorce, and a government that continues to be involved in a corrupt UN, which denies children a moral, Christian, responsible upbringing.

Who allows the irresponsible entertainment industry and the liberal mass media to brainwash our children with that which allows them to shoot other children, setting them up to do it, and then they blame guns.

Richard, each one either speaks up for children's lives or does nothing and shares in the guilt of the 58 million who were cruelly and senselessly aborted (butchered). Butchered is actually the only word that fits what abortionists do to children. The word butchered offends many, but not nearly as much as abortion offends and angers God, who blessed children with the gift of life at conception.

So, abortion is murder. God is grieved and angered that many who claimed to have been shocked were the ones who voted, elected, re-elected and enabled abortionists to cruelly butcher 58-plus million innocent, helpless babies. This includes a heartless president and others who steal out tax dollars to fund heartless planed butcher-hood to steal lives they can't use (like dog in manger).

Remember, when one votes for a pro-abortion candidate, one has voted to help kill innocent babies. That is no better than shooting students and it will be debited to your record, Richard. Did you not know that everything you do is written in your book (Rev 20v11-15)?

P.S. To kill people with bombs is no worse than voting for a pro-abortion candidate. The babies are just as painfully dead; and each one responsible will have to give an account to God. Voting for abortion is deadly.

Francis Fouks

Deer Park