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LETTER: Gregory's needs your support

To the Editor:

I was happy to see the recent letter regarding Gregory's Gift of Hope. Gregory's is an important asset to the communities of St. Croix County.

Currently Gregory's is the only facility helping the stray and, unfortunately too often, the no longer wanted cats and dogs.

I was unaware of this no kill animal shelter until two winters ago when an article appeared in the newspaper about its roof collapsing. Ever since I have been volunteering, supporting and I have also adopted.

Currently the shelter is full, under-funded and in need of volunteers. This shelter operates solely on donations and volunteers. Gregory's could sure use your help.

No special skills are needed to be a volunteer and there are a lot of jobs that need to be performed in order to run the shelter. They range from the care of the animals to the maintenance of the grounds and facility. All donations are greatly appreciated. However, cash donations are always needed to cover everyday costs like vet care, utilities and facilities maintenance. Without any government funding it is a day-to-day struggle to provide for these expenses.

If you're an animal lover and would like to help, please visit to make a donation or to get more information on the animals or the facility. As a community let's support a facility that is already helping the homeless and abandoned cats and dogs of St. Croix County.

If you're thinking about getting a cat or dog, please visit Gregory's. There are many animals looking for good homes and they will love you forever.

Thanks Gregory's for being here and helping the homeless animals of St. Croix County, and a special thanks for taking care of Franz and Frieda until I could make them part of my family.

Denyse Madden