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LETTER: Information needed on SCI transfer plan

To the Editor:

Re: May 6, 2013 story, "Board votes to transfer disabled program"

My, that was quick and seemingly easy, one vote and it appears St. Croix Industries is history. Yes, I know it has to be voted on by the county board.

In reality can St. Croix Industries be replaced with 40 years experience to their credit? Will the new program accept the clients that attend the program now or will they want only the higher functioning clients. If so, what will happen to those not accepted into the program?

Did I understand at the meeting the presenter from Chippewa River Industries say they also include workers without disabilities in their program? Need clarification on this and how that works.

It is crucial that employees have the education and skills needed for working with people with special needs as are the current employees at St. Croix Industries. In my experience a program involving special needs people is only as good as the employees.

Transportation, who will be responsible for this?

Did the county government, in all fairness, ask the current employees at St. Croix Industries, who have the necessary job requirements, for a wage and benefit cut?

The 5/9/2013 story re: The County Nursing Home states "wage and benefit concessions have helped bring expenses more in line" if it works for them why not offer this to St. Croix Industries employees?

I know the state reimbursement rates have dropped but we have to make it work and not give up so easily.

Unless you have been involved in or required the services of this type of program you probably don't realize the benefits St. Croix Industries provides to many with varying needs. These individuals need a quality program and the county should be proud of the program in place and maintain what they have which will be a "seamless transition."

Mary Beth Boots