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LETTER: Benghazi: Where's the press?

To the Editor:

Forty years ago I took a journalism class in college during the height of the Watergate scandal. Naturally, the scandal dominated class time.

Daily we observed and analyzed the story developments and were amazed by the press's dogged determination to bring the truth to the American public. It made Woodward and Bernstein synonymous with investigative journalism and together with public pressure brought down a sitting president for lying and covering up an illegal activity.

A lie and cover up for the political purpose of securing a presidential reelection, not the break in at the Watergate Hotel, was Nixon's great crime.

We now have what seems to be another lie and cover up that has been perpetrated on the American public by the highest levels of the executive branch for the exact same reason; re-election. The big differences are, unlike the Watergate break-in, four people died during the Benghazi consulate terror attack.

The press to date has, for the most part, been uninterested in criticizing the current administration for its failings before, during or after the event and as a result, most of the populace is either unaware of the apparent cover up or doesn't seem to care. Where is this generation's Woodward and Bernstein?

And finally, don't you think we all lose freedom when the level of investigative effort to find the truth and the public's willingness or lack thereof to hold the government accountable is determined by which political party is responsible for the lie and cover up?

Dan Singer