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LETTER: Student volunteers accomplish a bunch

To the Editor:

Wow! What a difference a class of 22 motivated New Richmond High School students can make on the Paperjack Greenway.

Brad Malpert's homeroom class, along with graduating seniors Heather Halvorsen and Rose Smith, and adult volunteers from First National Bank, orchestrated a highly visible project last Friday in the creek.

Students donned chest waders and jumped into the cool waters of the creek. For three hours they removed cattails that obscured the Paperjack footbridge. Much of the project was carefully getting the submerged cattail rhizomes out of the muck.

The students pulled, raked or yanked out cattails by the wheelbarrow load. They then loaded the cattails into a City of New Richmond dump truck (thanks Arnie!) to haul out of the Greenway.

The finished project will be more inviting to our community and for those observing wildlife on the Greenway trail.

On behalf of the community and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, I thank you all for your service.

Harvey Halvorsen

Area Wildlife Supervisor

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources