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LETTER: Taking pride in 'The City Beautiful'

To the Editor:

In the New Richmond News 5/16/13, "The downtown efforts kicking off," Mayor Fred and Mike are concerned about how "clean" our city will and should be, only saying this should be "The City Beautiful" and this important and memorable slogan should be resurrected "at any cost."

It has meaning, can be remembered, and brings back our great matriarch Stella "Tewwa" McNally, who loved flowers, gardening, trees (especially the "weeping willow") and donating park land in the inner city!

Mary S. swings a maul and made contact in her article, "Take stock of the community's past and future" - outsiders coming in who don't know about our local environment, our history, great assets and beauty, people of prominence who want to make changes because they think they can and have to!

Well the people who have lived here for "a few years" have pride in our heritage and "The City Beautiful!"

The four words conjured up by an outsider to describe our city, that can't be recalled should be sent back to "Never-Never Land" and not return!

Bill Driscoll

New Richmond