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LETTER: County should stand true to mission

To the Editor:

Is our county board so obsessed with money it has turned its back on our elderly and disabled?

On June 4, the St. Croix County Board will vote on stopping funding for St. Croix Industries, a business which has served people with disabilities for almost 40 years.

They want a private company to take over the program.

Have any of the board members been to SCI? If so, they would realize this is more than a business.

To the clients, it is their whole life. It is truly their family. They feel safe and secure.

Clark Schroeder, Colleen Hammer and the rest of the staff know and treat every client as if they were their own. This staff is trained how to serve and protect these people, and do a great job of it! These people can be very proud of all they have accomplished.

If more people in this world were like the staff at SCI, it would be a lot better for all of us.

If a private company takes over this program, nothing will be the same for the clients. SCI has almost 40 years of experience. It will not be as personal or safe for the clients. Will transportation still be provided?

How do you go from being voted "Best Small Business" in New Richmond to being eliminated in just a few months? I hope the dollar is not that powerful.

We must keep SCI intact for the good and the safety of its nearly 200 clients. What will happen to these people? When I was young, these people were put in homes with no way to become productive citizens and improve the quality of their lives. Let's not turn our back on these people and go back 60 years in time.

SCI has made these people proud, productive citizens with a true sense of pride. These people deserve the best quality of life they can achieve! Do not take it away.

No one asks to be disabled, but it can happen to anyone. If it does, you would see the importance of a place like SCI.

The county board website lists its mission as promoting the safety, health and welfare of its citizens. Their priority list includes public safety, transportation, economic development and protecting the "at risk" population. SCI promotes all these things.

Hopefully the board will stand true to this on June 4 and stay with SCI. Call your board members and express your opinion.

Jim and Carey Lorenz