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LETTER: City should focus on young people

To the Editor:

We are concerned with the lack of adolescent activities available to the citizens of New Richmond.

We feel rather than build another auto parts store, we could dedicate the money to something more progressive in the community.

We feel that this is important to our community because we are limited, as adolescents, to the activities due to where we live. If action is not taken in the community, we feel that the youth population will be at risk of making bad decisions, especially during the summer when they are not occupied with school.

We would like to criticize the action of our town council. We feel that another auto parts store was not needed and was a waste of money and land. Whereas the resources could have been used for something more progressive and positive not only for youth, but for the entire community.

We feel that this could be a positive change for our community. If we used the resources to build something productive for our town. This would also bring in higher income for New Richmond.

Our plan is to build a roller rink. As well as adding more shops. This would only solve the problem of bored adolescents, but also bring in more money for the town. We believe that if adolescents are occupied the crime rate will drop, as well as the use of drugs and adolescent drinking.

In closing, we feel that the town council should consider our recommendation. We feel that if we take action it will positively benefit our community. We also believe our youth is our future. We need to focus our resources on our youth.

Sophie Auvin,

Sadira Burgess,

Katie Chwialkowski and Lexi Leverty