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LETTER: Gun control is needed in our nation

To the Editor:

The second amendment states that people have the right to bear arms. But when the second amendment was made, people only had muskets. Now people have fully automatic machine guns with 30-round clips.

It's obvious that guns need to be more controlled, especially with all of the recent school shootings, but the question is how?

Gun manufacturers have proposed to lower the amount of bullets a clip can hold. This is good because it can limit the amount of bullets you can shoot. Also, limit the amount of bullets a person can buy. Civilians shouldn't be able to buy assault rifles with large clips and fully automatic capabilities. A background check on gun buyers should also be required.

This is what we think we should do about gun control.

William Bestler,

Elijah Denslow-Shaver, Jared Logsdon and

Jakob Scheeringa