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LETTER: Support the local backpack program

To the Editor:

The reason we are writing this letter is to inform you of the backpack program. Since the town has been growing, more families have been in need of food. The backpack program helps support them with the food they need.

The backpack program is important because it helps families save up money for future buys, such as food, clothing and school supplies. The backpack program is good because it helps people in need of food.

We think more people should donate and volunteer to help the backpack program so this ever growing organization can have the funds and people to help it. We would praise anyone who does the backpack program because the people who volunteer to help the program give up time in their day to put food in the backpacks. We would like if people would donate some of their time to support this program.

Go backpack program!

Hanna Myckleby,

Grace Unruh,

Brie Fuller, Taljit Manak and Reece Rumpza