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First day of School: A rollercoaster of emotions

The alarm clock rang, they jumped out of bed, took a shower, ate breakfast, brushed their teeth and got dressed. They had a big smile on their face, knowing no matter what happened the rest of their day, the next five to 10  minutes would be a highlight of their day.

They opened the bedroom door and with enthusiasm, said, “Kids, time to wake up, it’s the first day of school.”

In a scene probably played throughout the state of Wisconsin, Tuesday, Sept. 1, was a day of celebration, happiness and joy as parents got their children ready for the start of another nine-month roller coaster journey that is school.

For the children, at least mine, the last few days have been a mixture of nervousness, anger along with excitement. The nervousness about being in a new classroom with new classmates, new teachers and tasked with the assignment of learning something new. The anger of seeing their summer fly by faster than they wanted to and the excitement of being back in school with the friends they have made and the chance to meet new ones.

I’ve tried to calm my kids by saying, the nerves are natural, everyone has them (I certainly did when I was their age) and they’ll go by quickly like they’ve done in previous years.  

Tuesday marked the fourth time I’ve gotten a child ready for the first day of school and unlike the previous three, this has been the most excited out of the four I’ve been.  

I don’t know why that it is. Maybe, it’s because they’re getting older. Maybe, it’s also due to my job. At the beginning of the last school year, I was working for the Pierce County Herald in Ellsworth and my only role then was dropping them and picking them up every day. Now, since I’m working here in New Richmond, if there were school assemblies, or anything else that needs to run in our paper, I’ll be that person assigned to do it. So, I now at least have a chance to see how they interact with others, how they behave in school compared to how they act at home. Maybe, it’s also the reaction when they learn something new and understand it for the first time. Whether it’s a new math application, comprehending new words or finding out more about our history as a country or states.

So, my point is, I know my role over the next couple of weeks as the 2015-16 school year is in the infant stages: When I open their bedroom door every morning to wake them up, keep the excitement level going.

@ti:Jason Schulte is a reporter for the New Richmond News since February 2015.

Jason Schulte

Jason Schulte is a reporter for the New Richmond News since February 2015. Prior to that he spent eight years at the Pierce County Herald in Ellsworth. His duties with the News will include covering news out of Hammond and Roberts along with action from St. Croix County court system. He lives in Roberts. 

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