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Political signs...follow the rules

All of a sudden we find ourselves nearly midway through the month of March -- it’s at this time of year when we all look out one day to see the ground frozen and the dirty snow overtaking the days of the pristine white landscapes that formerly adorned the area.

That’s followed by what could be the next day that brings temperatures near 60 and the appearance of mud -- everywhere.

With the freezing and thawing of the landscape comes the notion that we are entering a new season -- spring.

It also means that area towns are posting local roads for weight limits, that the orange road construction barrels are coming out of hibernation and farmers will at some point within the near future begin getting into the fields.

That said, we all need to be aware of the change in time with the coming of Daylight Saving Time and we also need to be aware of abiding by the right of way regs along our highways.

Just this past week, the St. Croix County Highway Department issued a statement to educate landowners about the dangers of highway encroachments.

The highway department described those encroachments as “... any right of way (ROW) restricting the full use or purpose for which the ROW was established. Encroachments may include, but are not limited to, improperly located mailboxes, trees, signs, crops, fences, driveway headwalls, etc. within highway ROW.”

Though a somewhat different animal, we could also probably include political signs in that list provided by the highway department.

We have already seen those signs popping up along the landscape and will see more of them as the spring election nears. That will be followed next fall as the November General Election draws near.

“Dangerous situations arise from signs and objects placed in vision triangles and along highways and may add unnecessary liability to the landowner. Decorative rocks and modifications to driveways also present a hazard in the clear zone and ditches of highways,” the highway department stated in its most recent public notice.

The same applies to political signs.

Should you be adamant about placing these signs in your yard or along the highway, make sure you follow all the rules that apply, especially those described by the highway department as they apply to the right of way.

We all want to safe travels as we hit the roads this spring. Abiding by the right of way rules will help.