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City of New Richmond kicks off its comprehensive plan

Later this month, the City of New Richmond will be kicking off its Comprehensive Plan project. A Comprehensive Plan is a policy document intended to provide a “roadmap” for preservation, growth, and sustainability.  

Elements of the comprehensive plan include demographic trends, land use, economic development, transportation and infrastructure, natural and cultural resources, parks and trails, utilities, housing, downtown development, and intergovernmental cooperation.

Given our community’s recent growth, this plan could very well be one of the most important policy plans in our city’s history.  

That is why we need you!

Our pledge is to take the planning process to the streets as much as possible. Since we know that community meetings and presentations are not always easy to attend, we will use online tools such as social media and Facebook Live early and often so that more people can participate in the process.

Over the next several months, you will see an assortment of questions, concepts, and strategies that relate to our city’s future.  

Some of the important questions that we will ask relate to growth and design strategies for the city’s north side, as well as growth, preservation, and design for our historic downtown.  

We know that there are many opinions about both of these areas in particular.

Throughout the next 11 months, we encourage community members, business owners and stakeholders to provide feedback on this important planning process.  

Furthermore, we will be reaching out to our neighboring townships and cities in the weeks and months ahead to seek their opinions on regional growth for our area.

In the end, this policy document is intended to provide elected officials and stakeholders with strategies and action steps that will help guide our growing community forward toward achieving its goals and vision.

In order to be successful, the final plan must have a strong foundation of ideas, comments, and concepts from the community.  

With that in mind, we hope that you will join us in-person or online and participate in this important planning process.  

Great things are happening here!