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City honors those who have committed to the operation of local government

Gerry Warner (left) was honored as the City of New Richmond Board and Commission of the Year recipient. He was formally honored last week by New Richmond Mayor Fred Horne (left). (Submitted photo)

Community Voices

Last week, the mayor, city council and city staff celebrated our board and commission members during our fourth annual Board and Commission Dinner, held this year at the New Richmond Regional Airport.

The purpose of the evening is to recognize the more than 80 members who serve an important role in our local government. Our board and commission members have a wide range of backgrounds and unique skillsets, and include business owners, lifelong residents and active community volunteers.

There are a variety of board and commissions across the City of New Richmond, and each one has a unique function. From Airport Commission to Plan Commission, Library Board to Police and Fire Commission, each entity provides oversight, assists in the establishment of goals and objectives, and in all cases assists in ensuring that our local government is transparent and representative of the values of the City of New Richmond.

Serving on a board and commission is not going to make one rich. In most cases, this service is a non-paying position.

So why do people do it?

For some, like this year's Board and Commission of the Year recipient, Gerry Warner, this service has been a part of his life for 30 years.

A 30-year commitment to his community — that's amazing.

Like Warner, many others have found that serving on a board or commission is a way to be engaged in our community and better understand the workings of our government.

To the more than 80 community members who make up our boards and commissions, we thank you for your continued service to the City of New Richmond.

To those interested in becoming involved in areas such as our parks system, library, utilities, city planning, and many others, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter and look for updates in the New Richmond News about future openings on these committees and subcommittees.