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Viewpoint: Kids enjoying Summer Library Camps

A group of children sneak in some parachute fun on July 19 at part of the Hammond Community Library’s summer programs. Photo courtesy of the Hammond Community Library

Michelle Johnson is the library director of the Hammond Community Library

It has been an amazing summer! The kids have enjoyed being at the Summer Library Camps and have done some amazing things. The kids traveled the world last week, hosted a tea party for their family and friends, and were artists, scientists and even party animals.

Not only have we had fun at the Summer Library Camps, we have also had fun with hosting a Stuffed Animal Sleepover Camp and a Family Dance Party.

Stuffed Animal Sleepover Camp...campers are exhausted from all of the fun. The campers went on a nature hike, made bracelets for their friends, played games, went canoeing, and all of the other fun camping activities you could think of.

The library is a great place to learn new things, pick out fabulous books to read, participate in monthly activities, and how to get to know your community better. At the Hammond Community Library, we have services for faxing, scanning, printing, free computer use, free Wi-Fi, a Kodak Kiosk, laminating services, die cut, binding (spiral binding for paper books), plus you can check out movies, TV series, audio books, puzzles, Wii games, books and magazines. Also available at the library is a free little pantry both inside and outside of the library. A free little pantry is a pantry for everyone, if you need an item please feel free to take an item or two, if you would like to donate, please don't hesitate, all donations are welcome.