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Column: Top 10 school district by 2020

Tim Widiker is the St. Croix Central School District Superintendent

Last spring, the St. Croix Central School Board set a goal that reads as follows; "Be a Top 10 school district in the state as measured by the School District Report Card by the year 2020." Currently our School District Report card score is at 76.3 and in order to be in the Top 10 we would need a score of 86.3.

This is a challenge that the administration and staff have embraced and will work diligently to achieve. There is an old saying that addresses "wishing in one hand" and you probably know the rest. Our wish is our "Top 10 by 2020" goal in one hand and our action plan is in the other. Our action plan, which consists of ten parts, is the key to achieving this goal. They are:

• Implement Standards-based Grading 4K-12 by Fall 2019 (Assessment)

• Essential Standards work completed by every teacher 4K-12 by June 30, 2018 (Curriculum)

• Assuring that all staff are rated effective in the Employee Evaluation Essential Standards through the EE rubrics (Instruction)

• Complete implementation of RtI district-wide (all three tiers) both academic and behavior

• Annual improvement of Employee Engagement Index Ratio as measured by Q12

• Develop a 3-year strategic fiscal plan

• Develop a 3-year staffing/curriculum plan

• Full implementation of inclusion practices K-12 by fall 2018

• Continue meaningful and purposeful professional development

• Collaborate with those who are already in the top tier of the state and nation

We believe we have a very solid plan to achieve our "Top 10 by 2020" goal. But even if we fall a little short, I know that our staff and students will score hundreds of individual victories and we will continue to improve.

As I write this, today is the first day of the school year, and I could not be more excited and optimistic. Have a great year everyone!