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COLUMN: Testing a dieter's resolve

I'm being tested.

Since joining this "Biggest Loser" program here at the New Richmond News, I've been REALLY trying to resist temptation.

Unfortunately, "trying" is the operative word.

Saying you are going to lose some weight is like sounding the calvary charge for calories.

For example, I'm struggling to make my 2-pound goal this week (with one day left as of this writing) and my sixth-grader comes home with a full color brochure of the candy she has to sell for school. Of course, the only color really is brown for all that creamy, luscious chocolate.

"It's real cheap, Mom," she chirped. "Only $5. Look at how big the solid milk chocolate bunny is. Remember how good those malted milk balls were last year?"

It's a good thing that isn't a scratch-and-sniff brochure.

Well, so far I have resisted placing an order. I told her that she would have to find another patsy -- I mean, customer -- to buy her wares. After all, last year my oldest daughter was hawking these same chocolates, and I was stuck buying $70 worth of candy so she could make her quota.

I think we all ate ourselves into a chocolate coma that week. But, dang it, it was delicious!

I wasn't quite so strong when my husband came home from India last week. He'd been gone for almost 10 days and said he wanted to take the whole family out to eat when he got back.

Thinking it would be rude to say no, I loaded the kids up and as soon as he pulled into the garage, we left ... for McDonald's.

Now I realize that there are salads at McDonald's, but seriously? Going to a fast-food restaurant and smelling the cheeseburgers after you've not had one in quite a while was just too much for me.

I caved and had a No. 6.

My co-worker said that a small burger and small fries was not TOO bad, if that was all I had. I didn't specify "small," but I didn't tell her that. On the upside, I did have a diet Coke.

As of last week, the NRN dieters have lost a total of 31 pounds. Not too shabby for six people. One gal lost 9 pounds! Too bad we couldn't take the 31 pounds and divide it by six.

Anyway, we all are still on track, though a couple have said they know they hadn't been as "good" this past week. Some have succumbed to salted sunflower seeds, others to wine, others to No. 6 value meal at McDonald's (with a diet Coke).

In all honesty, I do so much better when I'm here in the office. I have realized I'm a muncher: I like to snack while I am working on the computer. Since I work on the computer a lot, well, you do the math.

Here at the office, I just don't bring any food in with me. That way I can concentrate on the computer and keep my hands on the keyboard.

At home, I suppose I ought to move my "work area" out of the kitchen. Yeah, that might be a good idea.

Another good thing about being in the office is that a majority of the people here are trying to lose weight as well. So there is plenty of support, as well as complaining (sometimes you just HAVE to).

I only hope they don't throw their diet drinks and rice cakes at me when I bring my daughter's chocolate brochure in.