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COLUMN: Visions of cookies dancing in my head

It's Girl Scout cookie time again and it couldn't have come at a worse time.

For a number of us in the New Richmond area, 2012 kicked off with a community-wide weight loss challenge. For the past few weeks, those involved in the challenge have been counting their calories and trying to exercise more in an effort to lose a few pounds.

The challenge has gone well for most folks, but the success has not occurred without a fair amount of whining in the process.

Here at the New Richmond News office, challenge participants talk more about food than any other topic these days. They talk about their cravings for French fries, they talk about hunger pangs for chocolate bars, and they exchange stories about how hungry they've become now that morning and midday snacks are no longer part of their routine.

The sound of growling stomachs has become the norm at our weekly staff meetings.

We were in the midst of our second week of the weight loss challenge last week when the Girl Scout cookie samples arrived at our office. Each year, when we receive a press release from the Girl Scouts announcing the start of cookie sales, they send along some sweet treats to try. In previous years the samples disappear in a matter of minutes.

This year, however, despite everyone's growling tummies, the cookies lasted for days. They weren't Thin Mints, but they were dessert-like nonetheless and people avoided them like the plague.

You have to admire all those who are sacrificing calories in an effort to win the "Lose Weight in 8" challenge. One local team is averaging 16.2 pounds of weight loss so far. The top individual in the competition has lost 24 pounds in just a few weeks, according to current statistics.

Amazing. Keep up the good work.


Speaking of Girl Scout cookies, it was interesting to see a recent email that revealed the results of a nationwide poll of Americans to determine what people's favorite varieties are.

Not surprisingly, the traditional Thin Mints topped the list with 49 percent of the vote. My personal favorite, Samoas (28 percent) was second, followed by Tagalongs (11 percent), Do-Si-Dos (6 percent) and Trefoils (6 percent). 


Fundraising efforts for the "Send Hunger Packing" event in New Richmond on Jun 23 are continuing. Already more than $5,000 has been raised toward the $24,000 goal (which would result in 100,000 meals being packaged for shipment to disaster zones and Third World countries). If you'd like to be part of the big day, visit dhungerpacking and you can donate.