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Our View: Pick a local project and get involved

The main topic at the Roberts Village Board meeting Monday night was how people should get involved in the St. Croix Central School District Facilities Task Force, whose goal is to figure out a solution for growing space needs in the district, whether it be building a new school, or adding on to existing district buildings.

We couldn’t agree more.

For people in the SCC School District, this should be a big deal. It not only affects their children’s education, but their pocketbooks too.

It’s good to write letters to the editor on such subjects. It’s also good to discuss them with friends and neighbors. What’s even better is actually getting off your couch, from behind your computer and attending a meeting. Become a part of the effort. Bring solutions and ideas, instead of complaining about what other people who actually attend the meetings come up with.

Superintendent Tim Widiker wants the public to give its two cents. He wants this to be a “community driven, grass roots effort.”

The more people who join an effort in its early stages, the better. Instead of a few making decisions that affect hundreds, even thousands of people, wouldn’t the population’s opinions and desires be better represented if as many people as possible showed up?

Maybe you’re not concerned about the SCC Task Force, because you don’t live in the district. Or maybe school meetings just aren’t your thing. But pick a cause that interests you, such as the proposed library in New Richmond, or the St. Croix Bike and Pedestrian Coalition, or the County Road M project in Star Prairie, and make your voice heard. There are hundreds of local projects that need guidance, volunteers and passion.

If you want to make a difference and be heard, do it. No one is going to do it for you.