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Celebrate aviation at Warbirds event

This week’s front page includes two articles about aviation in New Richmond, underscoring the importance of the city’s airport.

The first article is about how the New Richmond Regional Airport is celebrating its 50th anniversary by hosting an event featuring multiple World War II-era war planes. The second is about two New Richmond-based exhibitors – the Fairey Gannet and Engineered Propulsion Systems (EPS) – which just returned from the weeklong EAA AirVenture Oshkosh fly-in.

Even the St. Croix Crossing article on the front page has an aviation tie. Mike Demulling, the city’s airport manager, provided the stunning aerial photograph of the interchange construction site.

With all New Richmond has going for it in the aviation field, it’s easy to get excited about Saturday’s free event. Bring the kids out to the airport, let them get an up-close look at these magnificent flying machines from decades past. Perhaps they’ll become inspired to learn more and enter the aviation field themselves when they grow up. There are a host of aviation pursuits to choose from: pilot, engineer, avionics, communications, weather forecasting, fuels, mechanic and more.

Who knows? Maybe their dreams will spur them to start an aviation-based manufacturing facility at the New Richmond Regional Airport someday, like EPS hopes to do in the coming years.

For the city, it could all begin with a commitment from the council to extend water service lines to the airport. With the new development poised to take place along the Highway 64 corridor on the city’s north side, updating airport services could only be a bigger draw for businesses to come here.

For your child, it could all begin with an awe-inspiring trip to the airport to see a plane up-close and perhaps take a ride in a history-making warbird for themselves.