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Our View: It's no time to think your voice doesn’t matter

It’s the end of July and you might be thinking that the election season is now limited to the blowhards who have made their way through the Republican and Democratic parties’ national conventions.

But, believe it or not, we here in western Wisconsin will once again be faced with decisions at the ballot box as part of the Partisan Primary Election scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 9.

It seems like we just left the polling station after the Spring Election and Presidential Primary held in April ... but don’t hold that thought too long because it’s now time to consider candidates who will face off for a variety of county, state and national races.

Yes, on Tuesday, Aug. 9, the polls will once again be open throughout the day as electors cast ballots for the seats now open.

And as cynical as the nation and much of the electorate seem to be in this year’s Presidential Election cycle, now is not the time to think your vote doesn’t count.

If you have a voice, you have a vote. Now is the time to make it count.

It doesn’t matter whether you vote Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or for any other candidate, the importance is the process and privilege.

Think about those who have served our country to help ensure the right to vote.

So many have died to protect the rights we all enjoy at the ballot box - a right that shouldn’t be ignored.

The silent action of casting a ballot speaks volumes to the system we all need to protect. The candidates can speak as loudly as they must to get votes, but it’s you, the elector, who makes the difference in protecting the right.

Consider those across the world who place their life and the lives of their families in jeopardy by suggesting an election be held. Here, we can complain all we want about the system, but we’re pretty darn lucky to know that we can go to the polls without a care in the world to exercise a right that’s been hard earned.

That said, we here at the New Richmond News will be presenting candidate profiles in the Thursday, Aug. 4, edition for all the candidates who will be seeking votes in the Tuesday, Aug. 9, Fall Primary Election. Your vote will make a difference in who moves on to the Fall Election. Your vote will help determine which candidate will be eventually chosen to represent us at the county level, the state level and the national level.

Don’t take the responsibilty lightly. Know your candidates.

Raymond T. Rivard, editor