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Our View: Both presidential candidates ducking the press

Labor Day, the traditional start date for the U.S. presidential election, is right around the corner. We brace ourselves for what is about to come.

And if you think it’s been crazy up until now, just wait until things really start flying.

We’re sure, like us, you’re thinking one thing: We can’t wait until it’s over.

There will be accusations back and forth on a variety of topics -- Donald Trump is a dangerous man with dangerous ideas; Hillary Clinton is a crook and a liar and will continue to change her stories to fit the day’s message. Donald Trump is inexperienced in politics and doesn’t have a clue about running a multi-trillion-dollar entity; Hillary Clinton is part of the “good ol’ boys” network and will continue to promote the status quo.

That’s only the tip of the political iceberg. There is bound to be more that shakes up the landscape in the coming three months.

But one of the issues that disturbs us most hasn’t really hit the radar of the presidential campaign -- that is the issue of openness and the release of information.

Already, Trump has banned newspapers and specific reporters from his campaign. He’s made fun of reporters -- even going so far as to provide his own impersonation of one who may have physical issues.

Trump isn’t the first candidate to complain about the coverage of his campaign, but he’s taken things a few steps further this time around by calling out the media as some sort of monster that has an agenda biased against him.

A little paranoid, are we Donald?

As a newspaper, we abhor this type of attitude and behavior.

But Hillary Clinton’s approach to full disclosure is also far from satisfactory.

By the way, where is Hillary? Trying to find coverage of her campaign and to find stories where the media has direct access to the candidate is a bit like finding Waldo.

Hillary has done a great job of dodging any controversial questions and her camp is nothing short of professional in diverting the message away from inquiring reporters and potential constituents.

Her lack of press conferences and her insistence in not granting direct interviews with the press is embarrassing.

Maybe she feels she doesnt’ need to go down that road.

Both candidates are guilty of dodging the press. Let’s hope that changes in the coming weeks.

Raymond T. Rivard, editor