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Our View: Small town champions

The gold ball brought back to St. Croix Central by the school's football team. (Raymond T. Rivard photograph)

Something incredible was brought back last Friday night to the St. Croix Central School District - the gold ball.

Yes, the SCC football team won the state championship and came home to a warm community welcome at the school Friday night.

It’s not only remarkable that this team that was struggling to find an identity midway through the season won its division’s state title, but it’s even more incredible that Central’s most recent edition joins Somerset and Osceola teams from the Middle Border Conference that have won recent championships.

In fact, it’s been team representatives from the Middle Border Conference - in four of the past five years - that have won championships in their specific divisions.

That’s what we may start calling a dynasty of sorts.

We all know that reaching the top - no matter what level at which one competes - is a very difficult thing.

And while the SCC football team’s most recent accomplishments are fantastic, we also recognize the hard work and dedication that other students put into their craft - whether it’s an FFA student participating in dairy judging, or a forensics student participating in extemporaneous speaking, an FBLA student working on a project or an actor participating in the school musical.

These are all part of the mission carried out by our public schools - a mission that provides opportunities for students to develop their entire self to become a whole person.

We say to the individuals who participate in all school activities that they should enjoy every minute - whether you’re sweating through physical drills that prepare you for the game or sweating over the list of words that may appear during the upcoming spelling bee.

Many of us participated in activities of these sorts when we were younger, but only a very small fraction can say they are the cream of the crop - that they have won it all.

In fact, there may be some of us out there, myself included, who can say that they’ve also reached the ultimate in the other end of success - yes, I remember one team of which I was a member that went through an entire season without a win.

From that highest level of futility came a team two years later that won a conference championship.

It was hard work, dedication and commitment that provided that rise to success.

All the youth striving to find the best they have to offer need to understand it’s not given to you. It has to be earned ... something the SCC football team did so well last weekend.

Raymond T. Rivard, editor