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Trying to stay off the edge

This past year has allowed me to reflect on many things that I know not only affect me and my loved ones, but most every reader of this column and everyone on this planet.

That’s thinking about your own fragility and limited time on this planet.

We all get up in the morning, shower, shave and do our duties like we always have done and plan to do.

But then life gets in the way.

To consider these simple daily tasks and why we don’t think much about them in any signficant way, I ask a question ... if you knew it would be your final day on the planet would you think more about the little things?

What brings me to this question are the many incidents that put people in harm’s way.

Most significantly, there was an accident on I-94 on Monday that involved a motorist who inexplicably crossed the median and drove into several other vehicles traveling the opposite direction.

Raymond T. Rivard, editorThe woman, who was ejected from her vehicle, was killed in the crash.

We all know she didn’t rise that morning, get in her car and decide to become involved in a traffic accident. These things happen and they occur quickly and decidedly.

We all know someone who has died unexpectedly and without much notice. It’s hard on all of us they leave behind, because the mystery of life and death remains with us.

So, how do we continue knowing that our time could be up the next time we get in the car?

Well, over the past year I’ve put on more than 70,000 miles on my car and not once did I pose this question to myself.

Maybe I should.

Maybe we all should.

The experts and philosophers say we should be prepared.

We should probably do so by honoring the little things and telling those close to us that they are loved.

Life is fragile and quick. Enjoy it when you have the chance.

Raymond T. Rivard, editor