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'What we have here is a lack of communication'

“Cool Hand Luke” is one of those films that lives on as a classic -- and like that film’s most memorable line first uttered by the prison warden and reiterated by Paul Newman’s character, we are reliving the meaning behind “what we have here is a lack of communication.”

We have no intention of attempting to point fingers, but we wonder aloud just how the City of New Richmond and the School District of New Richmond can be so far apart in their attempts to utilize the old school property as a potential site for a new city library.

Raymond T. RivardOver the course of the past four months (or more) the city and school board have passed a master plan for the site back and forth, with the school board more than once stating the plan was not to its liking.

In defense of the school board, we understand why they don’t want “commercialization” of the site. After all, it’s supposed to be for a library.

And in defense of the city, they are in the dark as to what specific conditions the school board needs met to make the plan palatable.

It appears from the city council’s most recent meeting (see the story about that meeting on today’s front page) that aldermen are dazed and confused about the school board’s most recent master plan denial.

Without specific language spelling out the conditions that must be met, the council has decided to look at other sites within the city to build its library.

To us, it’s confusing as to why these two bodies can’t find common ground to benefit the community.

With this lack of communication the only ones who are, in the end, going to be affected most are the residents ... the foks who pay the bills but will not be getting the services they desire and deserve.

That’s just wrong.

Raymond T. Rivard, editor