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EDITORIAL: Vitality Initiative stories reach one-year mark

A year ago, the New Richmond News pledged to run one story per week about health, wellness and good choices on its front page for 52 straight weeks.

This week marks the end of that run.

Not that we're done writing about the efforts of the New Richmond Vitality Initiative and its grassroots efforts to encourage everyone in the community to eat better and get a little more active. We plan to continue to focus on this general topic a lot in the coming months.

We think the past year's series of stories has been interesting, informative and inspirational. We hope our readers feel the same way.

Thanks to all those who were willing to tell their personal stories about how they've succeeded to become healthier through better food choices, a more active lifestyle and stronger connections with the community.

When we set out to write 52 stories through the year, the task seemed daunting. Were there 52 stories to be told in all of New Richmond on the subject?

Turns out there were that many and more.

As we begin the second year of Vitality Initiative stories (some of which will appear on our front page and some of which may appear inside the newspaper), we stand with those volunteers who have dedicated so many hours over the past few months to encourage all of us to become healthier.

Those who are part of the Vitality Initiative have one simple goal - to help people improve their lives through various means available to them. They are not in it for their own glory; they are in it because the truly care about people.

We begin this second year like we started the first, imploring everyone to take that first step toward a better you. If you've already started that process, keep it up.

Your body will thank you, the health care system will likely see less of you, and your family will appreciate the enhanced health and energy that will likely result from such a changed life.