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EDITORIAL: Newspapers connect our communities

If it wasn't for newspapers, communities across the country would be less connected. Families and individuals wouldn't know what going on around them (both the good news and the bad).

It's that connection that draws a community together, and helps everyone better engage in the future of our cities, towns, villages, schools, businesses and more.

That's why it's important to mark National Newspaper Week each October. This year's designated week runs from October 7-13.

National Newspaper Week has been celebrated since 1940. This year's theme is: "NEWSPAPERS - The Cornerstone of Your Community." There's no better theme to focus on this year.

Newspapers reach more than 100 million adults during a typical month. That's a big number, and continues to be a big number despite claims that the newspaper industry is dying a quick death.

Community newspapers like the New Richmond News continue to provide the information, public opinions, shopping details and more to the public on a weekly basis. Our own website products connect residents with their community on a daily basis.

Unlike many other news sources on the Internet and in print, our readers have learned they can trust the stories we push through our websites. We work hard to accurately reflect what's happening in our coverage area of New Richmond, Somerset, Hammond, Roberts and Star Prairie.

Without the coverage we provide, people would be much less informed about their neighborhoods, school districts and county.

Take a moment during this week to reflect upon what newspapers have meant to your life, to your community and to your state. Clearly, newspapers and their associated websites are important institutions to support and strengthen.

All of us at the New Richmond News salute our loyal readers who have encouraged and supported us all these years. You are the reason we do what we do, and we hope you will continue to stick with us for decades to come.