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EDITORIAL: Get up, get up and vote

In case you weren't aware of it, there's an election day next Tuesday.

And if you haven't heard the message enough via commercials and junk mail, the results of that election will likely have an impact on the direction of this country and this state for years to come.

So why is it that, even with so much at stake, so many eligible voters will ignore their civic duty and avoid the polls on Nov. 6?

Sure, Wisconsin and Minnesota typically lead the way in terms of voter turnout during presidential and non-presidential campaign years. But still far too many adults who are eligible to vote decide they have better things to do that day.

Whatever your political leanings, it behooves each of us to take our responsibility as Americans seriously. Equally important is our responsibility to be informed about the candidates we will vote for.

Each of us has been blessed to live and work in a country that provides for free and open elections. Citizens of many countries are dying daily in the hope that their governments will adopt a more democratic form of governance.

For centuries, the American public has been assured of a fair electoral process and yet many of us take it for granted. As the election draws near, pledge to do your part as a citizen of this country. If you can't get to the polls that day, voting early is always an option.

Either way, get up off the couch and vote.