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EDITORIAL: Giving thanks, not giving up

We are fortunate to live in this country. One only needs to visit other parts of the world to better appreciate the blessings we all enjoy in the U.S.

So, with the Thanksgiving celebration just around the corner, it was disappointing to hear the news that some people across the nation have begun filing petitions to secede from the union. It seems like an unthankful thing to do.

Secession petitions have been filed in all 50 states, in the wake of Barack Obama's re-election as president. Backers of the idea claim that the U.S. has strayed from its founding documents - the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights - and that the time for action has come.

The supporters of the petitions hope that states will secede, thus ending the current federal government and forcing a reconstituted U.S. government framework. One of their goals is restoring states' rights.

The effort seems to be misplaced, especially with the backdrop of the season.

Even if the political tides don't flow in a favorable direction for some citizens, we need not throw the baby out with the bath water. Efforts should be made to change the political direction from within the framework already established, not by blowing up the whole works.

Voters already have the power to vote in and vote out elected officials on a regular schedule. If things aren't going the way they should, eligible voters can send the incumbents on their way. If those same voters like the way things are going, or if they want to give incumbents more time to accomplish their goals, they can do just that.

Our hope is that the secession efforts will garner little support and only serve as a headline producer for the media for a brief time. Then those willing to roll up their sleeves and promote change can get on with their work. And as that governmental process plays out, we can recognize and give thanks for a country that may not be perfect but is the best one around.