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EDITORIAL: Filing deadline approaches for spring elections

For many of the municipal and school board elections in April, potential candidates have to have their nomination papers in by Jan. 2, 2013.

If you have a passion for public service, you might consider a run for office. Elected officials on school boards, city councils, village boards and town boards make regular decisions that have a huge impact on our lives.

This area has been well represented over the years. There have always been dedicated citizens who were willing to step up and serve.

But that doesn't mean that other people can ignore their civic responsibility. It's always good to have new faces running for office, and it's always a positive thing if incumbents for various open seats have challengers. With more people running, there is greater public debate leading up to an election and new ideas are aired.

Of course, some villages and towns don't require possible candidates to file nomination papers. Some hold caucuses in January to select a slate of candidates. In those municipalities, it's always a positive thing if people step up ahead of time to indicate their interest in running.

As with those who circulate nomination papers, candidates selected via the caucus system help the democratic process if more than one person's name is considered for election so the voters have a choice.

In the final week prior to the important filing deadline, give the idea of running for office some consideration. Society benefits in the long run if more people are involved and are interested in the election process.