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EDITORIAL: Cast your ballot!

State elections officials are expecting light voter turnout for local elections Tuesday, April 2.

Approximately 20 percent of eligible voters are expected to cast a ballot in the spring elections, which decide races for town and village boards, school boards and city councils. There's even a few statewide races this year.

It's a shame that so few voters choose to take the time to do their civic duty in the spring. The representatives to local boards are an important part of our governmental process, so it makes sense to be involved in their selection.

But unless there is a controversy afoot, few people show their concern about these election battles.

The April 2 election provides voters an opportunity to make their voices heard when it comes to local politics. That's where decisions are made that impact our everyday lives.

At least it's encouraging that many of the local races have numerous candidates on the ballot. That may generate added interest and bring more voters out.

If you want to do your part, remember that polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Tuesday. It will only take a few minutes to be involved.

Registered voters are only required to give poll workers their name and address to receive a ballot. Voters who register at the polls must provide an identifying document, which may be a photo ID, to establish proof of residence.

Then it's a matter of casting your vote. Be engaged.