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Editorial: The Centre keeps reporting positive news

After several months of transition planning, the New Richmond Area Centre, Ltd has received its federal notification of being certified as a 501(c)3 organization.

That means that if someone is in a position donation to the non-profit organization, the gift is tax deductible.

The designation also allows The Centre to apply for grants and federal funding when available and appropriate for the goals and objectives of the organization.

By the way, The Centre's membership has now surpassed 1,100 membership units with a total of nearly 3,500 total members.

That surpasses the goal set by Centre employees of attaining 999 members by the end of 2009. The local facility should now be able to maintain self-sufficiency well into the future, thanks to the community response.

It's an impressive achievement, especially in these tough economic times when people are scaling back on health club memberships nationwide.


The Art & Culinary Show, sponsored by the Rotary Club of New Richmond, is just around the corner.

Get your tickets for this fun event, held at R&D Catering Banquet Center in rural New Richmond. The $40 price is well worth the investment, due to the great food and spirits you are able to sample throughout the event. There is also great entertainment, art demonstrations and cooking demonstrations offered through the evening of April 19.

On top of the great value, your ticket purchase also helps out students in Somerset and New Richmond in attaining funds for post-secondary education.

Funds raised go toward the Rotary Club's STRIVE scholarship program, which provides incentives to high school seniors to improve their grades as they approach graduation. It's a great scholarship program.

Tickets can be purchased at The Deerfield, Ready Randy's, The SPACE and from any Rotary members.


A "TEA" party is being planned in New Richmond on tax day, April 15.

A number of "Taxed Enough Already" party rallies are being planned throughout the country to emphasize people's frustration with rising taxes. New Richmond is one of the sites listed on the Web site.

Look in the News next week for more details.


The New Richmond Area Community Foundation is planning a special gathering at The SPACE on Wednesday, April 29. Look for more information in the New Richmond News at a later date for details.

The foundation continues to be an important part of the community's transformation toward more cooperation, partnerships and planning for the future.