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Letter: Insurance plan would more equitable

To the Editor:

Senator McCain and the Republican campaign ads are raging against Senator Obama's health insurance plan - claiming it will let Big Bad Government control our health care. They are counting on voters being unaware of Congress's best kept secret: that Senator McCain and all the other members of Congress and all Federal employees are covered by a government insurance plan: the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program or FEHBP!

In this plan the government contracts with over 250 private insurance companies which allows the marketplace to play a role by allowing competition and thus keeping costs low. Participation in the plan is voluntary and participants can choose whichever plan works best for them. Plans vary from basic plans with low premiums to plans with free choice of vendors with higher premiums. Participants pay 28 percent of the premium, the government pays 72 percent. It's a great plan, but we all pay for the government's share with our taxes even if we can't afford to pay for health insurance for our own families!

Obama's health insurance plan would change all that. It would make this very same Federal Employees Health Benefits Program available to all of us on a voluntary basis. It would be fair and go a long way towards solving our health insurance problem!

Ingrid Kizen

New Richmond