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Letters to the Editor: April 3, 2014

Wisconsin’s plutocracy

To the Editor:

It is Monday, March 31, the day before our spring election. I am one of several in-home caregivers for my wife, Mary, who is confined to bed due to the side effects of the chemotherapy she is receiving because of her cancer.

I called our town hall just now, asking if I could pick up an absentee ballot, in order that Mary could have a voice in Tuesday’s election. To my disbelief I was informed that — unless a person is confined to a hospital, or a resident in a nursing home — state statutes exclude them from voting on the Monday before a Tuesday election.

It is difficult for me to separate, and to distinguish between, this statute and the Walker administration’s blatant attempts to disenfranchise legitimate voters by the redistricting, by the new voter ID rules and by the other forms of voter discrimination put in place since his election in 2010.

I assume each of our elected officials has a conscience, but the possession of that attribute is surely not visible anywhere within the Walker administration, whose members are so in bed with those who are wealthy. Among the several forms of government, which include aristocracy, democracy, hegemony, oligarchy and plutocracy, one — in particular — stands out, and is a reflection of how the tail is wagging the dog in Wisconsin. That form of government is plutocracy — rule by and for the necessarily few rich.

The principles of justice and liberty upon which our nation was founded are so sadly absent from the value system and mentality of Wisconsin’s current plutocracy.

Richard Marzolf, Town of Troy


Build what we need

To the Editor:

Who and what to believe is the biggest road block in the discussion of an expansion of the Pierce County Jail. A lot of thoughts and discussions are not lies but sometimes lack the truth. This addition should have nothing to do with keeping up with the surrounding communities’ complexes. Sometimes committee members get caught up in the thrill and the excitement of meeting with engineers and architects, traveling to other complexes, making them feel like they are the most important people in the world. If I was selling you a complex, I would build your ego up like a hot air balloon. The more it cost to build, the more I would get paid. It’s a money thing.

The reason this has been going on forever is because nobody has the intestinal fortitude to build what we need, not what some people want. If it is moved to a new location, we still have to pay for the existing courthouse and complex.

Even if it cost more to build onto the east and north of the existing courthouse, it still will be cheaper in the long run. But, it won’t be the grand display some members want it to be to impress their ego and self worth. Well, let me tell you this: It isn’t about you. Loosen your belt loop and imagine if it were your money you were spending. Add onto the existing courthouse to the east, parallel with BMO bank, and move all non-court-related offices out of the courthouse into the annex.

The Creamery remodeled, Quinn Motors remodeled, Jim Ross runs a business out of a remodeled caboose, all in the private sector. The difference is, in the private sector the owners tell the architect what he wants, because the owner has to pay for it. In the public sector, the architect tells the committee, because money is no object in their world.

Tony Huppert, Spring Valley


We have a choice

To the Editor:

Labor unions spent nearly a billion dollars of their constituents’ money helping to elect Democrats in the 2008 and 2012 elections. The AFL-CIO recently announced they are putting together another fund of $300 million to oust Republican governors across the country. One of their targets is our very own Gov. Scott Walker.

Democrats have chosen millionaire Mary Burke to run against Scott Walker. She was our former Commerce Secretary under Gov. Jim Doyle. Under her tenure, Wisconsin was left with a $3.6 billion budget deficit and we lost over 133,000 jobs.

In his first three years, Gov. Walker has helped create more than 100,000 new jobs. Property taxes have been reduced as have income taxes. Fifteen-thousand new businesses have been created compared to the 27,000 lost under Burke and Doyle. Democrats are on the attack. They don’t feel Walker has done enough to revive our economy.

The economic policies of Doyle and Burke helped spike our unemployment rate to 9.2 percent and was the first time in decades when Wisconsin had a higher unemployment rate than the national average. Today the unemployment rate is at 6.2 percent and is well below the national average.

We have a choice. We can continue in the direction Gov. Walker is taking us or we can hit the brakes and hope we are not rear-ended by the dark ages.

Tom Wulf, Town of Richmond


Slap in the face

To the Editor:

We all imagine and expect a level of competency in our elected officials. The Obama Administration has failed, however, to earn the respect of taxpaying Americans. With three years to create the Obamacare website, the administration still managed to drop the ball. On the first day of the letdown only six people signed up. Security problems are even an issue! Can you really trust this risky and hazardous website to secure and protect your personal information?

Furthermore, the Spanish version of the website, out two months later than the English version, is alleged to work less smoothly and take a longer time to load. Adrian Madriz, a healthcare navigator, claimed “[The website] is written in Spanglish.” That’s insulting. Anyone who speaks Spanish in the U.S. is considered a second-class citizen. Talk about a slap to the face: Not only is your native language not important to us, neither is your health care coverage. Where is the equal protection of the law in that?

During the 2012 presidential campaign, the Obama Campaign said that if Mitt Romney were to be president he would be “Outsourcer In Chief.” The truth is that the company that was contracted by the Obama administration to create the website was outsourced. The company, named CGI, is based in Montreal, Canada. Those were jobs that could have been offered to Silicon Valley. Yet, hypocrisy knows no bounds.

The Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius oversaw the creation and implementation of the website. Oddly enough, she is still the Secretary of Health and Human Services. There’s cronyism at its finest. It does not matter how many times she upsets the American people because she will still have a job.

This administration is littered with inefficiency and incompetence, creating a matter literally of life and death. Unable to handle a website, the administration moves onto bigger meat – the whole health care system. Nearly 20 percent of the nation’s economy relates to health care. What is the logic behind getting the health care system right the first time if the website was not even functioning the first time? Government knows what’s best for you, and the best way to do it for you. Watch out.

Michael Sauer, Town of Hammond


Learner’s legacy

To the Editor:

Whenever you hear national news you usually say it can’t happen here; we’re just a little town in Wisconsin. Oh but contraire.

Since 2009, the IRS has been targeting what is referred to as the Tea Party nonprofits. You know, those old folks who want things the way they used to be, and not all this hope and change that’s bankrupting our country. The kids don’t see it that way nor do Democrats, but I think they’re going to get a real shock when they want health care.

What I find interesting is; that even with Louis Learner out of office the targeting still goes on. It’s obvious that there isn’t just one person giving orders; it’s about an entire branch of government with heads of divisions that still want to keep the current administration in office no matter how much discrimination they use against their opponents. Playing fair isn’t a watch word for them, it’s winning that matters.

A brief history would reveal some interesting facts. First, Communist Workers Party and the American Nazi Party threw their support to the Occupy Wall Street Groups. The Nationalist Socialist Workers Party is located in Chicago, and is a legal nonprofit. The former German American Bund infiltrated the Teamsters Unions and a lot of others and has a history of violent strikes. And all unions are legal nonprofits. In fact, during World War II there were many strikes organized to stop production of war material for our veterans. The Muslim Brotherhood is a legal nonprofit organization with its headquarters in New York City and many churches around the country. And what do these and hundreds of other destructive nonprofits have in common; they are all connected to the Democratic Party and are never targeted by the IRS.

But here at home, we don’t have any of those kinds of nonprofits. What we do have is Urban Habitat Preservation Project, ( a legal nonprofit that builds housing for veterans. This nonprofit isn’t connected to the Democratic Party, and as such is now being targeted again for an IRS audit.

This is what Learner and her subordinates have given this country. The IRS is using the law to retaliate against a political party, which is ridiculous because UHPP is a social welfare organization that only does one thing. It builds housing for veterans.

What’s worse, they were targeted in 2011 when they filed for nonprofit status and it took 14 months and hundreds of questions to get their standing. And if that isn’t enough, the Democratic mayor in the city UHPP has its only resource has blocked the sale of their building. Why, so they can take over the site and build a new government center they haven’t any money for? Additionally, the city has told UHPP they will not work with them in any effort to restore the building. Now it’s going back for taxes.

I’m positive America’s destiny can change, but can legacies by appointed officials?

Robert Pike, Town of Stanton


The negative effect of Obamacare

To the Editor:

Obamacare has negatively affected just about every sector of American society and in the last few weeks has found another sector, Medicare recipients, to impact. Millions of workers who were perfectly satisfied with their health care are in jeopardy of losing that care despite Obama’s unconstitutional edict delaying implementation of Obamacare until after the elections. Even if they can retain their insurance plans the cost for those plans will likely increase to unaffordable levels. Millenials who voted for our historical wonder are being asked to foot the bill for this program, which promises to depress our economy and their earnings.

Individual states are in jeopardy of massive increases in the cost of Medicaid if they accept Obamacare, increases they can ill afford to shoulder with the loss in state revenue due to Obama’s Great Recession. For state government workers Obamacare jeopardizes the retirement benefits the glad-handing politicians have promised since the revenue necessary to pay for them comes from a healthy private sector economy.

Seniors are now expected to pay for Obama’s $500 billion - $700 billion confiscation of funds intended for Medicare, which are now used to pay for just one facet of Obamacare. Supplemental insurance, which seniors on fixed incomes are expected to pay out of pocket, has taken a significant increase this year with even greater increases scheduled for next year...after the mid-term elections.

Eighty percent of Americans now oppose Obamacare. I suspect the remaining 20 percent are those who will receive Obamacare but never have to contribute to paying for it. Even Democratic politicians are running from their votes for this disastrous bill, which they never read before voting for it. Unfortunately, chances are these Democrat politicians’ epiphany will only last as long as it takes to get re-elected.

And on the horizon is one more threat to America’s health care. The mainstream media is dusting off and starting to polish the tarnish off Queen Hillary’s crown. They’ve retrieved it from the trash bin they dumped her into in the run up to electing our historical president in 2008 and now they are polishing her up for her re-debut for the 2016 presidential elections. Obamacare will morph into Hillarycare should she attain the presidency with a few thousand pages of more regulations and costs to go with it. And as has been demonstrated by her tenure at the State Department, Hillary is as incompetent, uncaring and corrupt as Obama. She too would be historical: First woman president with the first (philandering) gentleman.

Jim Schroeder, Town of Somerset


Obama’s a disaster

To the Editor:

By the laws of God, our Constitution, and our freedoms, not much good was accomplished in the last five years.

The healthcare bill was, and still is, a profound disaster.

A bill of the size, scope and consequence of that bill should not be passed in less than a year.

But Obama insisted it be passed now, without question or correction, which should have flagged suspension and close scrutiny.

Anyone who signed on without reading all of it should have lost their seat in Congress.

One fellow balked until Obama took out some of the abortion financing language. When it passed he reinstated it. That is his character.

Much of the bill is regulations and stipulations with the purpose of “controlling the people,” as one Democrat said.

It was rammed through fast, on purpose, so they could not see all the flaws and throw it out.

He promised time and again that if we liked our plan and insurance we could keep it knowing that the bill’s language made that impossible.

If your figures on jobs and the economy are correct, why are more people than ever getting food stamps?

All your figures on jobs and the economy are only as good as the integrity of those making them up. They can be made to say what you want them to say.

In the job market, how many were reduced to part time because of Obama’s regulations?

You can’t blame much on Bush when Obama’s national debt is over $17 trillion. The interest on that sum should be being invested in Medicaid.

Why isn’t our government on a balanced budget system? What are you going to do GR when the Chinese come to live in your house?

What about abortion GR? I used to vote Democratic until it was impressed on me that the Democrats are perpetuating the crime (genocide) of slaughtering our future worshipping, service personnel and taxpaying citizens.

Do you not know? Have you not read or heard? Matthew 2:5, v. 31-46; Revelation 20, v. 11-15. That in the imamate coming judgment, every one of the 55 million innocent babies, cruelly butchered by abortion, will have to be accounted for, to God by everyone who has voted for any pro choice candidate. As one voter, they will reap God will not have mercy, on those who have not shown mercy. Hebrews 10, v. 26-31.

Do I believe all the reports of faulty, miss and non-functioning voter machines over much of this nation and non eligible voters? Considering that Obama managed ACORN (a fraud vote organization), is there any doubt?

Let’s get photo ID and all work to get this nation back to honesty, integrity and respectable elections again. If one rejects photo ID they are the problem.

There have been 10-plus million innocent babies cruelly butchered on Obama’s watch that he will have to give account to God for.

There is no honor in fraud, stolen elections or offices.

Frances Fouks, Deer Park