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Letters to the Editor

What's going on here?

To the Editor:

U.S. representatives and senators are on break this week so that they can meet with constituents. I called Rep. Sean Duffy's D.C. office on Feb. 16 at 4:52 p.m. to ask for dates/locations of Duffy's town hall meetings. I was told none were planned.

I asked how I could be notified of meetings. I was told through email and/or phone which I immediately provided.

The next morning my husband notified me that he had just received an email from Duffy's office at 10:30 a.m. for a town hall meeting in Minocqua. I never received any notification. The meeting was scheduled for 1 p.m. that day—a 2.5 hours notice, in the middle of a business day, for a meeting hours away. I called Duffy's D.C. office immediately where I learned that my email and phone number had been deleted.

I then asked the staffer if they kept tallies on constituent positions, yay or nay on issues. I was told yes. I asked for tally numbers for an investigation of the Flynn debacle. The staffer wanted to give me numbers from a poll. I said poll respondents tend to favor a candidate and their stances—hence their validity is questionable. I again asked for constituent tally numbers. The staffer said, "the majority of all calls asked for an investigation," and then added, "not one" was against an investigation.

I asked for constituents' tallies on the Affordable Care Act. The staffer said it would take "some time" but he would get me those tally numbers. Five minutes later, the phone rang. Duffy's staffer informed me that tally numbers were "private." The staffer went on to inform me that constituent calls, emails, etc., were not tallied. I asked how, then, would a representative ever know his/her constituents' views on issues. The staffer replied "from polls."

I then contacted The Waters of Minocqua Resort, the location of Duffy's Friday town hall meeting. An employee informed me that the Duffy meeting was confirmed for Tuesday, Feb. 14.

Note: On the Feb. 16 at nearly 5 p.m. Duffy's staffer told me that nothing was scheduled.

Laura Tiede


Represent the team

To the Editor:

With the weather warming and the sun shining longer it is showing signs that baseball is around the corner—the sound of the crowd, the smell of the food, and the crack of the bat are signs that it's a brand new year with new hopes and dreams.

Unfortunately, pitching for the great team of Wisconsin is Congressman Sean Duffy.

During his time on the team he has struck out Planned Parenthood, collective bargaining, health care for seniors, small farmers and veteran programs, along with many other good players.

He has also failed to show up at Team Wisconsin meetings and has spent countless hours promoting his ego on television and having autograph sessions with only his chosen fans.

Many fine people still believe that there is no "I" in team but that does not hold true for Congressman Duffy.

May I suggest that we terminate his contract and get a new player or hold him accountable for his actions or lack thereof.

This is your choice, Congressman Duffy.

Represent your team or empty your temporary locker.

Mark Struble

Star Prairie

Amend the bill

To the Editor:

I feel so much safer now.

Legislation to allow 75,000 mentally deficient people to buy guns will soon become law again.

I think they should amend the bill to read, "Whereas the previous president, who we are still not certain was born in America, legislated that the 75,000, who were grievously denied firearms by him, will all receive a free, fully-loaded AK47 assault rifle, to be paid for by the taxpayers.

This cost will be offset by a minor cut to all Social Security recipients' monthly checks so as not to add to the deficit."

Marvin L. Nelson

River Falls

Crayons for the Dems

To the Editor:

May I appeal to you my fellow citizens as a public service and for the good of our nation to send a box of crayons to your favorite—or least favorite as you see fit—Democrat member of the Congress.

A box of crayons, not to reward the childish behavior they have displayed so vividly in the last weeks, but simply to give them something to mollify their temper tantrums and childish outbursts.

Those of you with small children will understand.

It could be argued that pacifiers would be more appropriate but my sense is that the crayons will be more effective. Having passed poorly thought-out and counterproductive legislation one law after the next my sense is that they need something to make marks on paper and whatever they feel should be defaced to justify their existence ... never mind their generous salaries and benefits.

Be assured the Capitol janitorial staff is well versed and well supplied with the materials needed to remove crayon from the walls and statuary their tantrums lead them to deface. As those of us with children know, a busy child is a happy child. Considering the mess they've made of our economy, our health care, our foreign obligations, our freedom to worship and assemble and many other of our basic and cherished freedoms, not to mention our ability to defend this land, some crayon graffiti is the least of our worries.

Crayons may be appropriate for some of our state's governors and city mayors as well. Since when has it become OK to obey the laws they agree with and disregard those they don't? If California and Chicago can disregard our immigration laws does that mean that you and I can obey the laws we like and disobey those we don't with impunity? Are speed limits now just suggestions for safe operation of a motor vehicle on our nation's roads. Can smokers now light up wherever they feel like it? Can I buy one of those full automatic Thompson machine guns like my dad carried in World War II with no more hassle than buying a new .22 cal plinking rifle?

Do we really need to feed the IRS? Imagine the possibilities.

And what about all of those demonstrators the evening news is showcasing every night. A box of crayons would seem to beat breaking windows and setting things on fire. And say, how is it that Vladimir Putin's influence in the last election is a bad thing, but the attempted influence of demonstrators worldwide against our president isn't? And say, if these are the types of people whom our deposed leaders kept happy with the laws they were passing or enforcing what does it say about those leaders?

None of these parties seem to realize the election of a populist like Donald Trump is a direct result of the governmental overreach of the last eight years.

And possibly beyond.

The financial crash of '08 was a direct result of government overreach in our housing. Remember, "affordable housing?" Haven't heard that for a while since it almost crashed our economy. Democrat overreach. Pick your crisis and you'll most likely find a Democrat behind it. Seemed like good ideas at the time but they just don't seem to have what it takes to make it work.

And almost all of it was meant to buy them votes at the expense of the people who actually do make this country work and do make this country exceptional among the countries of the world. Supplying them with boxes of crayons to keep them from doing even more harm seems to me to be a small price to pay to restore this land.

Do your part today.

Jim Schroeder

McAllen, Texas and New Richmond