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Inquiring Reporter: What are you grateful for this Thanksgiving?

This week's Inquiring Reporter question focused on Thanksgiving and all that one has to be thankful.

The following are the answers of those asked this week's question ...

“I am grateful that I have my health, my family’s healthy and I’m glad to live in America.”

— Arne Faaren
New Richmond


“My wife, my family, God and country, in that order.”
— Douglas Belisle
Deer Park


“A conservative majority. Been waiting a long time.”
— Mike LaBossiere


“My family, my friends and I’m in pretty good health.”
— Paul Kittel
New Richmond


“My health, my children’s health. Most grateful for my family, that’s the most important thing.”
— Sean McLay
St. Paul, Minn.


“Having all of my family, my children, everybody’s healthy. It’s time to deer hunt and then all get together to celebrate Thanksgiving.”
— Val Severson
New Richmond