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Vikings' coach is expected to meet with Brett Favre today in Mississippi

Minnesota Vikings' coach Brad Childress is expected to meet today with former Packers' quarterback Brett Favre.

Media reports said Childress left for Favre's Mississippi home late Wednesday, but the two did not get together last night.

Favre, 39, who's in his second retirement at the moment, is said to be agreeable to having a minor procedure on the torn biceps tendon in his throwing arm.

The recovery would be fast, and the three-time MVP could be ready long before the Vikings' training camp begins in August.

As late as Wednesday morning, Favre's agent Bus Cook continued to deny knowing about any meetings Favre would have with the Vikings.

Jay Glazer of Fox Sports says the Minnesota organization is split on whether Favre would help the team.

New Orleans' safety Darren Sharper, who played eight years in Green Bay and then four years in Minnesota, says Favre would be a great fit for the Vikings.

Sharper said he felt a big backlash from Green Bay fans after he joined Minnesota and he said Favre might have to give up going to Green Bay if the Packers put him in their Hall of Fame.

But Sharper said it would be worth it to "put a foot in Ted Thompson's rear."