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New Bucks coach goes one-on-one with players; Redd's Olympic hopes

The Milwaukee Bucks' new coach has been talking with players one-on-one, to find out why last season went so badly.

Scott Skiles said they felt like they under-achieved, and they're disappointed in themselves personally and the team as a whole.

Most players blamed poor defense and poor team chemistry - something Skiles said was easily apparent by watching them.

He said the Bucks claimed they got along off the floor, but they still couldn't communicate properly during the games and it's partially why they went 26-and-56 last season.

Skiles says he's using the information as a springboard for change. He promises better conditioning by his players and creating a culture for an improved chemistry.

Training camp begins in October.

Redd's Olympic hopes

Bucks' guard Michael Redd will find out sooner than expected if he'll make the U.S. Olympic team for Beijing.

The team was planning to try out Redd and 15 others at a camp in Las Vegas June 28 and then decide on the final 12 players for the games in August.

But Managing Director Jerry Colangelo of USA Basketball now says the team wants more time to prepare for the competition. So they'll name the final 12 before the camp begins and they'll start their preparations right away.

Redd is considered a strong candidate for Team USA because of his three-point shooting ability.