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Schleh vs. Stovall: The Smackdown

NRHS senior basketball player Dan Stovall is about as soft spoken a high school senior as you are likely to find.

Retiring NRHS teacher Dave Schleh isn't quite so shy. He gives up a foot in height to the 6-7 Stovall. So after a year of Schleh's challenges, Stovall finally agreed to take Schleh on in a basketball game during the lunch hour last Friday.

They jokingly decided to ask for 25 cents in admission, in case anyone wanted to watch their game. They were surprised when more than 400 students streamed into the gym for the event.

"I've been teasing Dan all year," Schleh said. "I challenged him and he said 'any time you're ready,'" Schleh said.

They agreed to a three-level game. First they'd play a game of PIG. Then they'd have a free throw contest. They would finish with a game of one-on-one.

Schleh got behind early in the game of PIG. Then he started hitting shots from the three-point arc. Stovall is a post player who doesn't often shoot from that distance. Quickly Schleh turned the tables and was able to beat Stovall.

They then tried free throws. Stovall looked to be in good shape when he made three of his shots, especially when Schleh missed his first attempt.

The veteran teacher then amazed everyone, possibly even himself, by swishing the next four free throws to win that portion of the contest.

The best was saved for last. Stovall toyed with Schleh for a few shots. Then Stovall put on a show with an array of slam dunks to win the final portion of the contest.

Schleh joked that he's going to get Stovall "a bottle of Windex" for a graduation present after Stovall's high flying dunks.

Schleh said he wanted to show the students that they shouldn't be afraid to go out and compete, even if you don't have a chance of winning.

The activity raised more than $100. Schleh said the money will be divided between two funds. Half will go to the TurningPoint shelter. The other half will go to Steve Mireau, an NRHS graduate who is recovering from an accident.